Humble Beginnings

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Wilmore Oil Company is a small family business located in the heart of South Central Kansas, a region that is rich in both agriculture and oil and gas resources. The company dates its beginning back to 1970, when Joe Yost, together with a business partner purchased a service station located in Wilmore, Kansas, a typical small American town with a population of less than one hundred and unpaved streets. This service station included bulk fuel and packaged lubricants, offering Champlin brand products. Joe soon bought out his partner and operated the service station until he sold it in the late '70's, but continued under the name "Wilmore Oil Company", developing and expanding sales of fuel and lubricants. When Champlin went out of business in 1983, he eventually started selling Kerr-McGee branded products. At that time, Kerr McGee Corp. owned the Mystik line, so he began selling Mystik lubricants as well. Then, when Kerr McGee sold their lube division in the late '80's, it was only natural to continue on with Mystik which was purchased by Citgo Petroleum in the early '90's. Also in the early '90's, Joe sold the bulk fuel along with some of the lubricants to his brother-in-law, Terry Litwiller, who had already been working for Wilmore Oil since 1988. At that time, Joe formed Yost Oil and Supply and continued to expand the packaged lubricant sales, both retail and wholesale, primarily focusing on the Mystik brand. These two companies operated independently for another 25 years or so, providing South Central Kansas and the surrounding areas with reliable service, business integrity, and a superior quality line of lubricants. In 2016, we began thinking about and planning for the continued operation and succession of these two businesses. Ryan Unruh had been working for Wilmore Oil for about 5 years and Aaron, Joe's son, had already been involved with Yost Oil for a number of years and was, now, a co-owner with Joe. As we recognized the fact that Joe and Terry were at or nearing retirement age, we realized that there would be quite a few advantages to merging these two businesses together versus continuing to operate as two independent companies. This merger became effective January 1, 2017, and the company continues under the name "Wilmore Oil Company". We feel that this business merger is in the best interest of our customers, and will help us continue provide the reliable service, competitive prices, business integrity, and quality products that we have built on in the past. In the spring of 2019, our company grew again when we purchased Beeley Propane, a small propane business in rural Comanche County. Our goal as a company is to continue to have a positive impact on this little corner of America.

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